Creating new Features


Fork the Mojaloop repository into your own personal space. Ensure that you keep the master branch in sync.

Refer to the following documentation for more information:

  1. Clone repo using Git Fork button (refer to the above documentation for more information)
  2. Clone your forked repo: git clone<your_username>/<forked_repo>.git
  3. Synchronise your forked repo with Mojaloop

    Add a new upstream repo for Mojaloop $ git remote add mojaloop<original_repo>.git

    You should now see that you have two remotes:

     git remote -v
     origin<your_username>/<forked_repo>.git (fetch)
     origin<your_username>/<forked_repo>.git (push)
     mojaloop<original_repo>.git (fetch)
     mojaloop<original_repo>.git (push)
  4. To sync to your current branch: git pull mojaloop <current_branch> This will merge any changes from Mojaloop's repo into your forked repo.

  5. Push the changes back to your remote fork: git push origin <current_branch>

Creating a Branch

Create a new branch from the master branch with the following format: <branchType>/<issue#><issueDescription> where issue# can be attained from the Github issue, and the issueDescription is the issue description formatted in CamelCase.

  1. Create and checkout the branch: git checkout -b <branchType>/<issue#><issueDescription>
  2. Push the branch to your remote: git push origin <branchType>/<issue#><issueDescription>

Where <branchType> can be one of the following:

branchType Description
feature Any new or maintenance features that are in active development.
hotfix A hotfix branch is for any urgent fixes.
release A release branch containing a snapshot of a release.
backup A temporary backup branch. Used normally during repo maintenance.

Merge into Mojaloop Repo

Once the feature is completed create a PR from your Feature Branch into the master branch on the Mojaloop repository (not your personal repo) for approval, and check validations (e.g. unit tests, code coverage, etc executed via CircieCI).

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