DA meetings: Overview

The Design Authority meets every week for a weekly update and has ad-hoc or detailed sessions for Specific topics

The meetings are open for the public to participate, though discussions are usually limited to the Board members. However, attendees will be promoted to panelists in meetings if they have designs to be reviewed or proposals for changes.

More details can be found here

DA Meeting - 27 May 2020

Consensus relating to the issue raised and discussed some time ago, as queried by Adrian, was reached amongst the attendees. The outcome is that the Switch development will not be restrictive and prescriptive but as far as recommendation for new contributions and modules are concerned, it will be preferred if those could be done in TypeScript.

A new discussion topic was tabled: https://github.com/mojaloop/design-authority/issues/47 seeking to answer the question of whether to have a separate API for PISP, or simply extend the existing Open API. A position statement was prepared and added as a comment. All attendees were brought up to speed with the decision to be made and Issue-#47 will be the topic for the next DA meeting.

Another, PISP related topic was tabled and will be scheduled for another DA meeting: https://github.com/mojaloop/design-authority/issues/48 - Answer the question of how to manage notifications so that a PISP can be registered as an interested party for notification of the success of a transfer

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