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Work stream: FSPIOP Change Control Board

Last update - 2019/06/11

Table Of Content

1. Document Purpose

The purpose of this document is to keep a log of all issues raised and desisions made by the Change Control Board(CCB) forum.

2. Status Summary

Status Count
Assigned 13
Closed 6

3. Active List

Track Number Status Original Workstream Title Description Next Steps Responsible Date Identified Deadline Date Updated Date Resolved
3 Assigned Use case choreographies Reporting Processing Errors to the Payee DFSP Reporting Processing Errors to the Payee DFSP - related to checking clearing result on the Payee side. This was discussed earlier as well Submit proposal to the CCB; Talk to the design/dev team on Mojaloop about GET calls for clearing check Michael 2018/06/03 2018/12/19
5 Assigned Identifying quote messages associated with Transfer messages 1. Follow GitHub issue #14
2. Discuss the issue

3. Canvass impact of this with Adrian in relation to Interledger
Michael, CCB 2018/12/10 2019/06/11
8 Assigned Changes for cross-network Changes Proposed here:
Review, Feedback regarding the issues #13, #14 on GitHub by June 18th CCB 2019/02/19 2019/07/09
9 Assigned Case sensitivity/insensitivity issue of HTTP headers The proposal is to have clarity by adding test to either API Definition or the Signature document or both to remove ambiguity regarding the case sensitivity of HTTP headers. Feedback on Solution Proposal by June 18th. Acceptance (if not blocking issues) Henrik 2019/02/19 2019/07/09
10 Assigned Clarity on whether or not padding is required while Base64URL Encoding This change request is to make the requirement for padding in Base64URL encoding a) explicit in the API definition and the Signature document, and b) consistent between the two.
GitHub issue -
Solution Proposal, Feedback Michael 2019/02/19 2019/07/09
11 Assigned Tool for sequence diagrams The team to make a decision on the tool to use for sequence diagrams (~75 of them). Michael proposed to use something like plantuml that is text based and is supported across formats and easy to distribute and upate Feedback , Review on, Michael, Sam 2019/02/19 2019/07/09
12 Assigned Clarify usage of FSPIOP-Destination in GET /parties So the change request would be two-folded:Correct Figure 5 in API Definition.
Update text in API Signature about only including FSPIOP-Destination when the Destination FSP is known.
Solution Proposal Henrik, Michael 2019/02/21 2019/07/09
13 Assigned CCB Charter Matt working internally regarding advice on the Draft CCB Charter; To share with the CCB team soon Version 0.4 of the CCB Charter to be shared with team Matt 2019/03/05 2019/07/09
14 Assigned Proposal to use GitHub in an Open Forum for change requests, proposals etc A proposal was made to use GitHub for CCB discussions regarding issues to avoid repetition at various forums and for visibility. Continue Pilot process as the CCB Charter is being finalized CCB 2019/03/19 2019/07/09
15 Assigned Use Open API as the source for FSPIOP API Specification Proposal to use the Open API version of the FSPIOP API Specification as the Source Raise a Pull Request (PR)
Discuss the issue of 'precedence in case of conflict/discrepency'
CCB, Sam, RJ 2019/03/19 2019/07/09
16 Assigned Branding of Mojaloop. FSPIOP API. CCB Role Clarity regarding the Mojaloop Branding - Is it just for the Open Source Switch implementaiton or the FSPIOP API?
GitHub Issue:
Review, Feedback regarding the issue #15 on - Matt 2019/04/23 2019/07/09
18 Assigned Proposal for versioning document and resources separately Henrik's proposal to maintain versions for the API Definition and resources separately To have a separate discussion regarding moving to next version using the current (accepted) solution proposal Henrik, Sam 2019/04/24 2019/07/09
19 Assigned Proposal for extending error codes 4001, 5001 to bulk and quotes Initial proposal Solution Proposal updated Henrik 2019/04/24 2019/06/11

Table 1 -- The table list all the Assigned/Open items.

4. Completed List

Track Number Status Original Workstream Title Description Next Steps Responsible Date Identified Deadline Date Updated Date Resolved
1 Closed Use case choreographies API Signature issue Resolve the API Signature issue in the specification Decide on strategy - confirm or debate Henrik's proposal to allow identifying fields that should not be included in the Signature 13/02/2018 13/03/2018 2018/05/01
2 Closed Use case choreographies Cross-Implementation Address the requirement for cross implementation Submit proposal document to the CCB Michael 2018/06/03 2018/12/19 2019/03/05
4 Closed Use case choreographies Duplicate ID in PUT calls Dealing with duplicate PUT calls where an initial PUT request comes with one message and another with same ID but different message To check API Definition to see if there is a section that already address this if not determine next steps to add it Henrik, Michael 2018/05/15 2018/10/23 2018/11/30
5 Closed Refund support An implementer of the system has a need for the Refund Use Case, so a request was made to find out the implementation status from the TSP partners (if they are ready, tested and if they have any issues with the Specification) Find out from other TSP patners, the status of implementation CCB 2018/07/31 2018/09/11 2018/09/11
7 Closed Template for a Change Request Template for a Change Request - for proposing changes to the CCB regarding Mojaloop Specification Pilot Henrik 2019/01/08 2019/01/08 2019/03/19
17 Closed Proposal about time-frame for adopting the changes accepted by the CCB Discuss the issue of proposing a timeline on adopting/implementing the changes accepted and published by the CCB Discussion among CCB team members Matt, CCB 2019/04/23 2019/05/14 2019/05/14

Table 2 -- The table list all the Deferred/Closed items.

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