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About the Mojaloop Community Business Document Project

This document is part of the Mojaloop Community Business Document Project. The project is intended to support entities (countries, regions, associations of providers or commercial enterprises) implementing new payments systems using Mojaloop code. These entities will also need write Business Rules that participants in the system will follow.

The Mojaloop Community Business Document Project provides templates for Business Rules and related documents. There are many choices involved in implementing a new payment system: the templates show some of the choices and, where appropriate, commentary is provided on how the particular choice is related to the goals of a Level One aligned system.

Current documents within this repository

Notes: This document is a work-in-progress.

This repository contains a set of templates for business documents. These are intended as guidance to businesses or agencies who are evaluating the creation of a real-time retail payment system, enabled by Mojaloop open source software. The documents are likely more broadly useful than that, though they were created to complement and guide the practical application of the Mojaloop software.

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