# About the Mojaloop Business documents

Mojaloop Business documents are presented in two main groups:

  • Scheme Choices: documents that provide assistance with defining scheme rules, operating guidelines, as well as key business and design choices
  • Hub Operations: guides that provide practical information about the various aspects of operating a Mojaloop Hub

# Scheme Choices

The Platform Operating Guideline Template provides a template for describing how the Scheme Platform will operate, and for specifying the obligations and responsibilities of the Scheme, the Platform Operator, and the DFSPs.

The Scheme Business Rules Template provides a template for defining the Business Rules that govern the rights and responsibilities of participants in a Mojaloop scheme.

The Scheme Key Choices document describes and discusses some of the most significant business and design choices that affect both the technical implementation of Mojaloop and the Business Rules which the Scheme will write, and which Participant DFSPs will agree to follow.

The Scheme Participation Agreement Template provides a template of the Scheme Participation Agreement that contains the minimal necessary provisions to evidence a DFSP’s application to join the Scheme and abide by its Business Rules.

The Uniform Glossary Template acts as a glossary of business terms.

# Hub Operations

The Technical Operations Guide outlines the operations processes that enable the Hub Operator to handle all aspects of managing a live service, such as incident management, problem management, change management, release management, defect triage.

The Settlement Management Guide describes how settlements are managed by the Mojaloop Hub and the partner settlement bank(s), and introduces the main building blocks of settlement processing.

The Guide to Finance Portal v2 is aimed at the Operator of a Mojaloop Hub and provides information about the Finance Portal, which facilitates the management of settlement-related processes on a daily basis.

The Roled-Based Access Control document discusses the security mechanism employed to control access to various aspects of an operational instance of a Mojaloop Hub.

The Onboarding Guide for the Hub Operator is aimed at the Operator of a Mojaloop Hub and provides information about the DFSP onboarding process. It provides a high-level overview of the onboarding journey that DFSPs take, acting as a checklist of onboarding activities.

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