# API Documentation

All APIs should be documented in RAML or Swagger, see Architecture-Documentation-Guidelines](Architecture-Documentation-Guidelines.md)

Section Headings

  • Do not number headings - for example, "Prepare and Fulfill", not "C - Prepare and Fulfill"
  • Make sure section headings (# ) match the heading to which they correspond in the comprehensive PDF (built from the dactyl config file (opens new window))
  • Do not include the word "documentation" in headings

# Retrievability

  • For sections that contain many subsections of endpoints or methods, provide a table of contents at the beginning of the section
  • Don't say the word project; use component, microservice, interfaces, etc

# Language

Instead of the word "project," use a specific noun such as component, microservice, or interface.

# Procedures

  • Introduce procedures with H3 (###) or H4 (####) headers (not H2 (##)).
  • Do not use numbers in procedure section headings.
  • Use ordered-list tagging for procedure steps. For example:
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 2