# Documentation

# Overview

Mojaloop has set forward several standards to ensure that documentation throughout the project is consistent and kept up to date.

  • All documentation that is relevant for contributors is kept on the "documentation" repository.
  • The "documentation" repository is sync'ed with GitBook and all content is consumed in an easily readable format on: https://www.gitbook.com/mojaloop (opens new window)
  • All documentation should include:
    • Overview: business overview to provide the value or reason for the documentation page
    • Details: appropriate summary information to support the documentation


Documentation standards (opens new window)

# Documentation Style Guide

All new documentation should confirm to the documentation and styles as discussed here.

# Code Style Guide

# NodeJS

We follow the Standard style guidelines (opens new window). Add npm install standard to you package.json.

# Java

For Java we follow Checkstyle (opens new window).Code Quality Metrics