New Contributor Checklist

This guide summarizes the steps needed to get up and running as a contributor to Mojaloop. They needn't be completed all in one sitting, but by the end of the checklist, you should have learned a good deal about Mojaloop, and be prepared to contribute to the community.

1. Tools & Documentation

2. Finding an Issue

  • Review the good-first-issue list on mojaloop/project, to find a good issue to start working on. Alternatively, reach out to the community on Slack at #general to ask for help to find an issue.

  • Leave a comment on the issue asking for it to be assigned to you -- this helps make sure we don't duplicate work. As always, reach out to us on Slack if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Fork the relevant repos for the issue, clone and create a new branch for the issue

3. Opening your First PR

_Complete this part of the guide once you have been added to the Mojaloop GitHub organization. If you don't have access, reach out to us on the #general or #help-mojaloop

  • Sign up for Zenhub, and connect it to the Mojaloop Organisation, Search for the 'project' workspace
  • Install the Zenhub Browser extension]( for Chrome or Firefox, and browse the (Mojaloop Project Kanban board

  • When your branch is ready for review, open a new pull request from your repository back into the mojaloop project.

    Note: if the CI/CD pipelines don't run, this may be because your Github account isn't added to the Mojaloop repo

  • Ensure the following:

    • A good description of the feature/bugfix you implemented
    • The PR is assigned to yourself
    • You have assigned two or more reviewers. GitHub often has suggested reviewers, but if you don't know who to assign, feel free to ask whoever created the issue.
  • (Optional) Post a link to your PR on the #ml-oss-devs channel in Slack so everyone can share in the fun

4. Signing the CLA

After you open your first PR, our CI/CD pipelines will ask you to sign the CLA. For more information on what the CLA is and how to sign it, see [./signing-the-cla.html]


None as of yet. If you have problems getting through this list, or need more help, reach out to us on Slack!

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