New Contributor Checklist

This guide summarizes the steps needed to get up and running as a contributor to Mojaloop. They needn't be completed all in one sitting, but by the end of the checklist, you should have learned a good deal about Mojaloop, and be prepared to contribute to the community.

1. Tools & Documentation

2. Finding an Issue

  • Review the good-first-issue list on mojaloop/project, to find a good issue to start working on. Alternatively, reach out to the community on Slack at #general to ask for help to find an issue.

  • Leave a comment on the issue asking for it to be assigned to you -- this helps make sure we don't duplicate work. As always, reach out to us on Slack if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Fork the relevant repos for the issue, clone and create a new branch for the issue

3. Opening your First PR

_Complete this part of the guide once you have been added to the Mojaloop GitHub organization. If you don't have access, reach out to us on the #general or #help-mojaloop

  • Sign up for Zenhub, and connect it to the Mojaloop Organisation, Search for the 'project' workspace
  • Install the Zenhub Browser extension]( for Chrome or Firefox, and browse the (Mojaloop Project Kanban board

  • When your branch is ready for review, open a new pull request from your repository back into the mojaloop project.

    Note: if the CI/CD pipelines don't run, this may be because your Github account isn't added to the Mojaloop repo

  • Ensure the following:

    • A good description of the feature/bugfix you implemented
    • The PR is assigned to yourself
    • You have assigned two or more reviewers. GitHub often has suggested reviewers, but if you don't know who to assign, feel free to ask whoever created the issue.
  • (Optional) Post a link to your PR on the #ml-oss-devs channel in Slack so everyone can share in the fun


None as of yet. If you have problems getting through this list, or need more help, reach out to us on Slack!

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