# Code Quality Metrics

# Functional quality metrics

# Unit test metrics

High coverage and low dependencies show that the code is testable and therefore well isolated and easy to maintain. Low complexity also makes code readable and maintainable and helps enforce single responsibility. Real unit tests run very fast as they don't call external components.

Code Quality Metrics New and Project Code
Unit test coverage >= 80% block coverage
Unit test speed <= 10 seconds
Dependencies/method <= 10
Complexity/method <= 7

# Component

Functional testing typically covers pair combinations of the system states.

# Integration

Functional tests have one test per message and error. Messages and errors that are handled the same way use the same test.

# Contract

Limited to what the consuming teams need that isn't covered by existing unit, component, and integration tests. Often added to over time.

# End to End

End to end tests cover acceptance tests from scenarios.

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