# Code_Improvement Project

# Overview

Purpose to improve code quality and security for the Mojaloop project. Includes analysis and introduction of new open sources tools, process improvments, gates checks (w/in pull requests and builds) along with documentation.

Scope: project is focused on quality and security but can lead to other areas such as test automation and DevOps automation and tools.

# OutPut (phase one by end of January):

  • Implementation and analysis of new OSS tools
  • Update Release Scripts: Security aspects need to be embedded in release/devops (CI/CD)
  • Update rules for Pull Requests: Security aspects embedded in pull requests (before check-ins)
  • Update documentations: Standards and contribution guides   Slack Channel:#code_security

# Discussions:

# Implement changes at the Dockerfile and CI/CD build process to help bolster our container security

  • Create a non-root user within the Dockerfile
  • Enable docker-content-trust on the docker host (this will be inside CircleCI)
  • Run builds with --no-cache during CircleCI step to ensure that we are pulling in any new security patches each time (I don’t think this is a major issue since we don’t have CircleCI docker image caching on anyway

# Move from Javascript to Typescript

  • Transition to typescript (mix and match js and ts) for more security/quality
  • Typescript is preferred but not required: https://github.com/mojaloop/template-typescript-public
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