API Specifications

Mojaloop API

Documentation: Mojaloop Specification


Version Info Release Date
1.0 Initial release 2018-11-01

Central Ledger API

Documentation: Central-Ledger Service


Version Info Release Date Feature/#538 FundsIn/Out Position Changes 2018-12-11
3.8.3 Initial release 2018-11-02

Central Settlements API

Documentation: Central-Settlements Service


Version Info Release Date
1.1 Implementation driven corrections 2019-04-03
1.0 Initial release 2018-08-31

ALS Oracle API

Documentation: Account-Lookup Service


  • ALS Oracle API is based on the Mojaloop Specification with the following main differences:
    • Operations follow traditional REST API paradigms more strictly.
    • Operations are synchronous with an immediate response unlike Mojaloop Specification which provides a responds via asynchronous callbacks.
    • PUT /participants is to update existing records and not a Callback as per the Mojaloop Specification
    • GET /participants response body returns a list of Participants, containing currency.
    • POST /participants request body includes the currency as part of each record.


Version Info Release Date
1.2 Removal of duplicated currency from POST /participants payload. 2019-05-20
1.1 PUT /participants/{Type}/{ID} returns a HTTP 204 - No Content on success. This was previously returned HTTP 200 - Success
POST /participants now returns a list a partyList either containing a PartyIdInfo or ErrorInformation. This provides a closer alignment to the Mojaloop Specification.
1.0 Initial release 2019-03-08

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