Repository Details

The Mojaloop project is organized on the basis of component microservices. As such, there are over twenty different repositories in GitHub that align to the different services. The following repositories are pinned to the project:

  • The mojaloop repository contains the master readme file along with the following documents to get started.
  • The documentation repository documents the contributors guidelines, overall architecture, component design, message flow, and an overview of Mojaloop. (Note: This gitbook you are currently reading is generated from the documentation repository)
  • The project repository is the central repository to track product development issues for the Mojaloop project.
  • The mojaloop-specificiation contains the specification document set of the Open API for Financial Service Provider Interoperability.

Repository List

Individual repositories in the Mojaloop GitHub organization each describe component-specific details including source and APIs. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the commonly used Mojaloop repositories, grouped into relevant categories.

Core Services



Common Services & Internal APIs

External Services

Mojaloop Integration Libraries

Snapshots (pre-release works in progress)

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