Mojaloop local environment setup for Mac

Local setup on a Laptop or Desktop to run the Mojaloop project.

Setup Introduction

This document will provide guidelines to a technical capable resources to setup, deploy and configure the Mojaloop applications on a local environment, utilizing Docker, Kubernetes and HELM charts.

At this point the reader/implementer should be familiar with Mojaloop's deployment guide. Imported information is contained in that document and as such a prerequisite to this document.

1. Kubernetes

This section will guide the reader through the deployment process to setup Kubernetes within Docker.


We recommend installing Kubernetes using either minikube or microk8s instead, as this will allow you to easily specify your desired Kubernetes version (i.e. either v1.20 or v1.21).

Alternatively, a specific version of Docker-desktop that includes a supported target Kubernetes version as specified in the Deployment Guide (1. Pre-requisites) can be installed. See Installing Docker for Windows section for more information.

1.1. Kubernetes Installation with Docker

  1. Kubectl

    Complete set of kubectl installation instruction are available here.

    brew install kubernetes-cli

    To verify if the installation was successful, check the version;

    kubectl version
  2. To install Kubernetes with Docker, follow the steps below;


    For Windows/MacOS, version Docker Desktop v4.2.0 comes packaged with Kubernetes v1.21.5 which meets the current requirements.

    • Click on the Docker icon on the status barr
      • Select Preferences
      • Go to Advanced
        • Increase the CPU allocation to at least 4
        • Increase the Memory allocation to at least 8.0 GiB

    Kubernetes Install with Docker 1

    • Go to Kubernetes
      • Select Enable Kubernetes tick box
      • Make sure Kubernetes is selected
      • Click Apply
      • Click Install on the confirmation tab.
      • The option is available to wait for completion or run as a background task.

    Kubernetes Install with Docker 2

1.2. Kubernetes environment setup

  1. List the current Kubernetes context;

    kubectl config get-contexts
  2. Change your Contexts;

    kubectl config use-context docker-desktop

2. Continue with Deployment

  1. Continue setup and configuration from the Mojaloop's deployment guide - 3.1. Kubernetes Ingress Controller document.

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