Cross Border Discussion Day 2


Next Steps:

  • Updated the proposal APIs
  • Present the consolidated change to the CCB in writing
  • Couple of weeks to put together the changes (Michael/Adrian to split up the work)
  • Mid-November CCB call

Session 1

Unanswered Questions:

  • addressing

    • break it down?
    • cross-mojaloop
    • what does a PayerFSP do with an address?
  • ALS + routing

    • what optimizations does the API need to do/allow?
  • local vs. remote DFSP ids

  • Downstream failures

    • When paymnet does clear, does the payer receive a notification (esp. with 'delayed' payments that may interface with non-mojaloop systems)
    • Can a CNP send a PATCH of the tx to update the Payee somehow?

  • multiple quotes and route responses:

    • how do display to the user?
    • We need to establish rules for filtering routes
      • hard to do: e.g. blacklisting a switch? or express a preference for certain routes
  • how will Sender DFSP discover the scheme rules for a receiver?

  • does the Sender DFSP need to 'know' the final switch? Or can it just 'know' the next one?

Running up against ML + non-ML assumptions

  • does this mean CNP needs to do more work when connecting to non-ML?

    • e.g. knowing the resulting scheme/switch?
      • why? Failure handling
      • based on yesterday's decision: Should the CNP do the work here?
  • Take a lesson from SWIFT:

    • bank doesn't know where the money is going
    • can we avoid this in ML?

CNP: Goal is to 'act like' a normal member of the network

  • This minimizes the responsibilities that the scheme assumes

When is the TX considered completed?

  • There might be cases where the scheme considers it done, but it is not techincally finished end to end

How do we deal with service deteroriation?

  • Scheme rules

Back to quotes:

  • how to express quote information?

    • are quotes and routes separate? Presumably, yes
  • The quote is the most expensive step

    • Can we provide QOS information here as part of the lookup?


  • Need for a globally unique address
    • Allow an address space for DFSPs and unique persons/accounts
  • sheme says "this isn't in my space"
  • CNP figures out the routes to get to that space

Michael's Tangent:

  • did we make the wrong assumptions about the CNP?

switch: Knows CNPs + FXPs CNPs: holds routing table and lookup

  • if the sender or receiver is an FXP, the the tx is not a cross-currency tx

Session 2


  • header value is CNP id
  • partId object is the final FSP


  • implied that funds are expected to clear before the valueDate
  • can still have short expiry times on tx

  • CNP:

    • returns an obfuscated set of fees
    • fits into our current model
  • condition:

    • existing object cryptographically tied to the tx object

      • but for multi-hop, we don't only know this
      • fixed receive makes this tricker (which is what echo data hopes to solve)
    • We want only 1 condition for all hops

    • the idea of a multi-condition is a "perversion" (according to some)


board 3: Cross Network lookup and quotes flow, fixed receive of 1000 PHP from USD board_3

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