This document provides an overview of assets available for those interested in observing a Mojaloop environment running.

Want to get up and running as a contributor to Mojaloop? Check out the Contributor's Guide and the New Contributor Checklist.

Primary Assets

The following are the minimum requirements to run an end-to-end test of an environment:

  • Mojaloop Hub: The Hub is the container of all the core central services of Mojaloop. The following are the options available to work with the Hub:
    • Deployment guide: If you wish to deploy Mojaloop on your own environment, please find the Deployment Guide.
  • FSP Simulator: This acts as a mock FSP to simulate the Payer and Payee roles in a transaction. Building and configurations details can be found in the Github simulator repository.
  • Postman: Postman is an application to send requests and receive responses. In the Postman repository you can find some collections and environments that can be imported into a Postman client to interact with the Hub.

FSP Resources

In case you want to build your own mock FSP instead of using the simulator, these are the available resources:

  • API Specification document: This document introduces and describes the API specification that any FSP should implement to interact with Mojaloop. Also find the complete set of specification documents in the Mojaloop specification repository.
  • SDK Scheme Adapter: The SDK Scheme Adapter demonstrates use of the Mojaloop SDK Standard Components to interface a DFSP backend system to a Mojaloop API compliant system. With the Scheme Adapter, you can turn an existing FSP implementation into a Mojaloop compatible one by implementing a simple REST interface.
  • SDK Standard Components: The SDK Standard Compoents is a NodeJS library that provides pluggable implementations of JWS Signing, ILP, a Mojaloop Requests library, and Mojaloop compliant errors out of the box.

Complementary Assets

These are other valuable resources available for testing once you have setup your environment. Please note that some of these may still be at a development stage.

  • ALS oracle template: An Account-Lookup Service (ALS) Oracle provides a look-up registry functionality. This is an accelerator template for ALS Oracle services or adapter components. Find the repository here.
  • Cross-network and cross-currency POC: Ongoing project that explores the design of the two scenarios described below. Find the repository here.
    • A payment that crosses multiple Mojaloop-based networks (where the sending and receiving currency may be the same or different).
    • A payment within a single Mojaloop-based network where the sending and receiving currencies are different.
  • POS/ATM integration: Ongoing project to address use cases that require POS and ATM integration. Find the repository here.

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