Mojaloop Roadmap

Functional Epics

  • API Gateway: Provide role, policy-based access, security, abstraction, throttling & control, identity management
  • Settlements V2: Complete settlements process to handle failures and reconciliation positions
  • PISP: Payment Initiation Service Provider enhancements
  • LPS Adapter Enhancements and future Use Cases (ATM, POS)
  • Event Logging Framework: Support operational reporting and auditing of processing
  • Error Handling Framework: Consistent reporting in line with specification and support operational auditing
  • Endpoints for P2P, Merchant: Provide endpoints to support P2P and Merchant payments
  • Fraud & Risk Management System: Provide support for a fraud and risk management system
  • Forensic Logging: Support forensic logging to support auditing and reporting
  • Reporting API: Provide an API for reporting

Operational Epics

  • Versioning Standards
  • Operational Moniitoring and Event Dashboards
  • Mojaloop Sandbox and Toolkits
  • DevOps: Provide flexibility, dynamism in deployments, improve monitoring and reliability mechanisms
  • Rules Engine: Provide a framework to enforce, implement Business, Scheme rules

Non-Functional Epics

  • Security & Threat Modeling: Address security vulnerabilities, issues and provide a report on status of the System's security so that they can be addressed
  • Documentation: Update documentation to support adoption by community, for labs, deployment by various partners
  • API-Led Design: Refactor central services so that schema validation, paths can be addressed thoroughly (automatically) and decrease maintenance, development effort (for those services don't already follow this)
  • API-led connectivity is a methodical way to connect data to applications through reusable and purposeful APIs.

Central Services

  • Directory Interoperability
  • Multi-currency and schemes
  • Enforcing Currency configurations
  • Fees: UI for configuring fees
  • Increase performance
  • Fraud Scores and Reasons
  • Role management
  • DSP Management
  • Stopping/Pausing a DFSP
  • boarding protocol

DFSP/Account Management

  • Agent Network
  • NFCC identity merchant
  • Persistent merchant ID
  • Onboarding protocol
  • Change password
  • Password requirements
  • Hold/Restart account


  • Central certificate service
  • Implement fee quote transfer service in the center
  • Prevent user guessing from rogue DFSPs
  • Preferred authorizations

CI/CD & Testing

  • Implement auto deployment to test environment
  • Automatically run acceptance tests in test environment as part of build/deploy
  • Automate bulk import tests
  • Forensic log test
  • Account management test

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