Mojaloop Roadmap

The roadmap is built around the concept of three pillars, which are:

  1. Make it easier to deploy Mojaloop
  2. Make sure deployments have every opportunity to make themselves profitable
  3. Connect to other payments services in the ecosystem

These three pillars are underpinned by a fourth workstream, that of continuous development of a quality product.

  • Make Adoption Easier
  • Achieve Scale
  • Connect to Other Systems
  • Quality Product

Make Adoption Easier

(Promote a better understanding of Mojaloop)

  • Develop “Mojaloop Journey” – a manual to take adopters from concept to live service
  • Better portals for both Hub and Payment Manager
    • Develop Configuration support
    • Showcase extensions using Biz Ops Framework
      • Bootcamp
  • Easier Deployment
    • Make IaC more accessible
      • Pre-configs for different deployment types
    • On-Prem
    • Azure
  • Better Showcase
  • Capitalise on MiniLoop
    • Demos etc as part of deployment
    • Testing support (Quality Product)
  • Fintech sandbox
  • Integration with FRMS, demonstrate with a live deployment (PoC)

Achieve Scale

Drive scale through:

  • Merchant Payments
    • QR-based Push
    • Merchant acquiring
      • Mobile wallets, MFIs
  • PISP
    • MRTP
    • Bill Payments
      • Aggregators
    • Salaries etc
      • Support for bulk through PISP interface
  • Bulk
    • Partially complete – needs completing for older CBS

Connect to Other Systems

  • Cross-Border
    • Next Generation Settlement (part of TigerBeetle, vNext, “Quality Product”)
    • Integrated Forex services & API
    • Payments addressing solutions for international transactions
  • Integrations into emerging DPG ecosystem
    • Payments addressing using MOSIP national ID
    • Integration with MOSIP, Mifos, OpenG2P
      • Oracle/ALS development
    • Opportunity for thought leadership on the integration of DPGs
  • Working within international ecosystems
  • Wholesale CBDC
  • Compatibility with Interledger developments
  • Development of an Interledger Cross Network Provider (CNP)

Maintain and Develop the Ecosystem


  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Adopt MiniLoop for testing etc

In order to support the scale we want to achieve under Pillar 2:

  • Continue the development of vNext, work towards a migration
  • Adoption of TigerBeetle for vNext

In order to support the interconnections we want to achieve under Pillar 3:

  • Accelerate TigerBeetle, vNext for agile deployment of next gen settlement engine

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